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Amanda Herrera, CD/PCD(DONA) Birth & Postpartum Support


My name is Amanda Herrera


I'm a DONA certified Doula serving the vibrant community of New Orleans with a passion for supporting families through pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period. As a mother of three children, I provide compassionate, non-judgmental care to every family I work with. I'm dedicated to promoting evidence-based practices and informed decision-making. When I'm not Doula-ing, I enjoy doing Crossfit and serving at church. Thank you for considering me as your Doula, and I look forward to supporting you and your growing family.

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My Doula Services

I offer comprehensive support for families during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. Here are the services I provide: 



Sarah Huerta 

Having gone through such a traumatic labor and delivery, words cannot express the gratitude I feel towards Amanda. As I was feeling excruciating pain, Amanda helped guide me into a more peaceful labor. She did an excellent job guiding my husband into helping me with different labor positions and bonding with our baby. She's not only an amazing doula but she's also an amazing person. Amanda helped us throughout our journey and offered to help at home physically and emotionally. We appreciate all that she's done before and after our baby came into this world. We felt so peaceful knowing we had someone as a backbone the whole time. The guidance that was provided for us made the whole experience a lot less stressful and I know that next time I'm in labor I wouldn't want anyone that is not Amanda.

Jamice Couvillion

We looked for a doula for months trying to find the right match for us. Finally, we found Amanda and it was like actually finding gold at the end of a rainbow. Having Amanda there to be a part of the most monumental moment of our lives truly made my first birthing experience phenomenal. There were a numerous amount of questions and concerns we had being first time parents. She was not only beyond knowledgeable but kindly sincere. That took our worries away. She was available 24/7 even if I was having an incredible pregnant day with no concerns or questions. She would check in and encouraged me to watch more videos, read articles, do breathing exercises and stay in a positive state of mind. She did birthing stretches, positions, car seat checks, etcetera with us. There was nothing I could not ask of her. She’s an amazing advocate for self advocacy during pregnancy in regards to me remembering it is my body and anything I say goes. She gave gentle reminders that I have every right to want my birth to go how I planned with safety in mind tailored to my preferences. We created a birthing plan with her and it made all the difference when the birth day came. I will always remember having her at my bedside during and after labor. We have a great deal of gratitude and regard for her. It was an honor for us to have Amanda there when our bundle of joy entered the world. We can’t wait to have another in the hopes that she can be our doula again! She’s more than recommended by us. She’s truly the MVP of doula’s. 10/10, a 10 minute standing ovation for her.

Kellie McKinnon

I don’t even have the words to truly describe what Amanda was for me during labor. My husband was deployed at the time and we lived across the country from family. Amanda went above and beyond to make sure I had the partner I needed. She was there through every intense contraction, providing support in any and every way I needed. Even when I had my moments of doubt, she was right there, talking me through it and telling me I COULD do it. I truly believe that I would not have been able to have the unmedicated birth I dreamed for without Amanda’s support. She was an invaluable resource and I recommend her ten times over!!

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